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Linda's Weekly & Bo's Wants

Hope you find the changes here okie dokie. I am trying to experiment.
Trying to put my creative talents to use. I know, I'd better keep trying to find them.
Here is a picture that was taken my DH, when we visit Josie Quillin. I unfortunately, at the time didn't have a digital camera like Josie did. But after seen what she could do, and being a little jealous, I now have one too!!!! Josie, hope you don't mind to much.

This next one is of Josie and her french fry eating bird BJ

If you need any of the q's below or if you have any that I need, below is my address and my email address.

Stoudt's Weekly Have List

Found these forms

Quaker State Up to $5 12/31/98 Two per household

I have to offer this week

I have many $5.00 Alpo Gift certificates, trading for other gift certicates or cigarette upc's, with the cigarette upc's having each $.10 value

McDonald's Seamore Beanie unopened Trading for other Beanies only

Pillsbury Dough Boy Beanie trading for other Beanies

Energizer Bean trading for other beanies

Lots of Carlton, Virginia Slims coupons

Have lots of Duracell and Engergizer batteries upc's

Have the Alpo Cat and Dog form, Also the Mighty Dog form. If you would like a copy.

Lots of Alpo canned dog Food upc's, also lots of cat canned food upc's

Lots of Purina nt.wt. circles

3 50 lb Hi Pro

1 25 lb Hi-Pro

3 22 lb Dog chow

9 10 lb Dog chow

1 8.8lb Puppy

1 8 lb Pro Plan

25 5 lb Dog chow

4 5 lb Hi-Pro

11 4.5lb Fit & Trim

1 4.4lb Puppy chow

7 4.4lb Dog chow

6 4lb Nutrient Management

9 4 lb Moist and Chunky

Nabisco all kinds and sizes

General Mills BHW's 5 or 6

Kodak pop seals and a few upc's

Kleeex tissue's upc's

Crystal Light upc's 3 or 4

I have so many to list. I acquired those 12 boxes of q's from a lady a few months ago.

Cigarette upc's

50 Basic

150 Camel c-notes, not the new ones, but I called Camel and these are good on the form that is out.

50 Virgina Slims

50 Newport

Lots of S&H Green Stamps

Computer Program

HP Marketing Program, from one of thier recent offers.

Thousand of great qualifiers. To many to list. If I had to make up a list of qualifers, it would take me weeks. Hundreds of Health and Beauty upc's.
My filing system is not real good. In fact, I would say that it is pretty bad. I have been fortunate to purchase many qualifers from people who were getting out of refunding.


NEDS couponsWill send coupons over 20 cents only, national brand items, no dog or cat unless requested. Will not do lists, but will send a good variety of all. Will take bids on this from things from this list here FIRST or at my qualifer site below.


Linda Stoudt

16 Woodside Ave.
Temple, PA 19560-9741

Bo's and Linda's Needs

Bo's List

All the Mighty Dog upc's we can get our paws on. We want those free Dog coupons.

Mighty Dog coupons dated after 7/31/98, the buy?get? free. NO$$ off ?? cans.

Alpo snack coupons good on 1 item

Purina O.N.E. forms

Purina O.N.E. cashoffs $2.00 only, these have a real long expiration date.

Linda's List

A Few things that I am looking for

Revlon upc's

Merit coupons good on ? packs only. Dated after 7/31/98

EXAMPLE: $3.00 off 4 packs or carton

NO $1.00 off 4 packs

Carlton cigarette upc's

KOOL upc's and form

Pall Mall upc's

Homemailer cigarette forms

Tell me what you would have. No Marlboro unless it is a special one.

Melitta coffee products upc's

Koolaide points

Kelloggs corny points

Entenmann's upc's

Coffeemate Liquid creamer coupons----only

Lipton New unlimited form

Pepsi form good in PA

Free couponsTell me what you have

NASCAR Items #94 Bill Elliott especially

McDonald's 1998 Beanies

Or just tell me what you have or make me an offer. I am not hard to get along with.

I love doing RAOK.

RAOK=Random Acts of Kindness

The only thing I expect is that you pass it on to someone else.

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